• Sandwich and fries
  • Mixed meat, cheese and spices
  • Snacks, dip and mixed vegetables

Fork & Tap

Port Washington, WI

About us

Fork & Tap has always been a dream of ours.
When we (Siobhan & Michael) first met in 2000 while working in the service industry, we would dream about owning our own restaurant. We didn’t know when it would happen or where it would be, but we knew we would eventually make it a reality.

Fast forward 19 years – after many, many miles on the road seeing live music together, a marriage in 2007, two amazing kids in 2010 and 2012, Yellowbellies Food Truck in 2013, and now Fork & Tap, we are finally living our dream.

What we would never imagine is to have our dream come true in our hometown of 12 years – Port Washington, WI. We look forward to making memories here with all of you. Thank you for coming to hang out at our home away from home. Cheers!